Welcome to Wales Soccer
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still register my player in-person at the Wales Village Hall?
Registration for the 2018-19 season is now open.  Click here to register online.  In-person registration is also accepted at the Village Hall. 

When does the soccer season start and end?
Our recreational program includes a fall and spring session. The fall session usually starts around the end of August and runs until mid October. The spring session starts in late April and ends in the beginning of June. 

Can I request for my child to be on a team with friends or to have a specific coach?
The online process includes a Notes field where you can fill in special requests.  While requests will be considered, the first priority is to create fairly matched teams at each level.  

Can my child choose to play only one session? 
Selecting to play one session (either Fall or Spring) is usually only allowed at the younger ages if there is another player interested in filling the other season session. On the older teams, we do allow players to only opt to play one session but that is only in cases where the roster is already filled with plenty of full time players.  

My child is only playing in the fall. Is there a different price for that option?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a discount to players who select to play only one session. A part time player incurs the same fees and cost as a full time player.

How do I know if my child qualifies for the Wales resident discount?
Wales Soccer is supported by the Village of Wales.  Residents receive a registration discount per player for their taxpayer support of our Parks and Recreation Department. Residency is determined by the municipality you or your landlord pay property taxes to, not your mailing address zip code.  If you are not sure if you are a resident of Wales please go to the Waukesha County Tax search page and enter your address. If the tax key number listed starts with "WLSV" you are a resident and qualify for the discount.  If it starts with GNT, DELT, etc. you are not a resident.

My child can only make it to practice on Tuesday nights. Can you ensure that he is on a team that practices on Tuesdays?
I am sorry but the only way we can ensure that your child has a specific practice night is for you to coach the team. We value our volunteer coaches and allow them to select their practice day and time. 

What should my child wear/bring to practice?
Each child should wear comfortable clothes, shin guards, tall socks and cleats. They should have a full water bottle. They are not required to bring a ball but it is recommended for the older levels. Soccer ball sizes by age group: U5-8: size 3; U9-12: size 4: U13+: Size 5